Empty triple storey bee box complete with honey box, hive lock and post mount


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The box design allows strong populous hives to be split into two new hives. The success rate is excellent.

Our boxes have an external size of 200 mm wide x 280 mm long and each box is 95 mm high. A honey box is added to the top of the double brood boxes to make a third storey. We use 45 mm thick Cypress Pine for durability, insulation and lightness. All of the boxes have rebated corners and all are painted white. A bottom board is attached and the tropical lid simply sits on top. The bees will glue the whole thing together with their natural resins. A hive lock keeps it all together. The complete set-up resembles a miniature triple storey honeybee hive!

To check on your hive’s internal progress, simply prise the lid off and have a look inside. Open only in the warm months. Sometimes the bees may not take too kindly to this, so be quick and efficient. If the hive is very strong and has brood in both halves of the brood chamber, you may like to try splitting your hive using one of these empty boxes. We recommend that splitting occurs between September and December.


See this link for the hive box configuration

http://www.zabel.com.au/hive box configuration.html

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