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Please find following, information about Australian Native Bees. We have been keeping Trigona Carbonaria for about 20 years in portable miniature boxes. We have found that they are ideal for pollination of all native plants and tropical fruits. There are many advantages to owning a hive or two in your display area.

1. Allow the public to be aware of their existence and the methods to contribute to their survival.

2. Demonstrate to the public how simple it is to keep native bees.

3. Prove that native bees are great pollinators.

4. The bees do not sting.

5. The honey is extremely good for health.

6. The bees are housed in a simple box design.

7. Increase population by a simple splitting process.

8. Placing nests back into areas where they once existed.

9. Established hives have no major predators.

10. Can be kept in suburbia in close proximity to humans and animals.

We feel that many Australians do not know about these bees and it is important that the public is able to identify and save the bees where possible.

The bees are available in attractive portable miniature boxes and can be sent via post to all parts of Australia.

Please contact us for more information and availability.


Russell and Janine Zabel.


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