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Below is an excellent new book on keeping stingless bees.

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Well done John Klumpp!!!!!!

Key Features:
Paperback: 24 x 17 cm; 110 pages
Over 200 full colour photographs
Foreword by Martyn Robinson of the Australian Museum
Detailed and easy-to-read information
Glossary of stingless bee terms
Register of stingless bee nests in public places

Booklet 9 - Boxing and Splitting Hives --
A Complete Do it Yourself Guide for Stingless Bee Keepers
By Anne Dollin, and Russell and Janine Zabel

(Russell on the cover)

A Step-by-Step Demonstration of the Two Most Essential Stingless Beekeeping Techniques with Over 70 Photographs and Drawings.

Key Features:
Rescuing a Nest From the Bush
Transferring a Nest into a Box
-- Preparation
-- Box Design
                                   -- Transfer of Food, Brood and Bees
Transferring a Large Nest into Two Boxes
Splitting a Hive
     -- Hive Selection
-- Preparation
                   -- The Splitting Technique
                           -- Care of Hives After Splitting
Troubleshooting Guide

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