Hive lock for sale

We have used a number of types of fastening systems in the past. The rubber bands have not worked successfully as these perish in the sun. After some searching and researching, we have the ideal hive locking system. It is based on the honeybee hive locks that are readily available. This lock is a scaled version and is sized to suit our boxes. The hive lock is able to fasten single, double and triple storey hives simply and easily. For durability, the parts are galvanised.

These are available for sale.                     Send an email to enquire about prices!

Steps for installation.

  1. Assemble and align your hive.

  2. Place the strap around the hive. You can place the fastening parts on any flat side of the box. Do not position at the corners. Place behind the PVC pipe.

  3. Fold the strapping around the mechanism until it seems to be the right length for tensioning.

  4. Adjust along the teeth until reasonable tension is achieved. Over-tensioning may damage some parts.

  5. When the time comes to add a honey box, the strapping can be unfolded to accommodated the new size.

  6. It will always be the perfect fit.

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