Sale of Standardized Empty Boxes

Our boxes are a revised version of Tim Heard's Original Australian Trigona Hive (OATH design)

Here are the Specifications:

    Timber is cypress pine for durability and lightness.
    All corners are rebated for strength and adequately nailed.
    The lid is two layers of timber with a gap between for air circulation.
    The bottom board is solid timber and projects approximately 15 mm beyond the
       front of the box.
    There is a 20 mm entry hole placed centrally in the front of the bottom box.
    The entrance hole is plugged with trigona nest material and is sized to a 8 mm hole.
    The box is fitted with a piece of 50 mm PVC pipe which allows the box
       to be mounted on a star picket fence post.
    A piece of truck tyre tube holds everything together.
    Two 6 mm drain / air holes are located in the bottom front corners.
    The boxes are painted white and are very attractively presented.
    Posted to your door within days.

All of our boxes are standardized. You will always get an accurately made product. We can offer two styles to suit Log boxing or Splitting.

A full nest of Trigona carbonaria in our boxes can be easily split at the splitting point. We now use masking tape to prevent subsidence of the top nest into the empty bottom box. (Collapse of the nest into the bottom box causes drowning and loss of the nest)

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