Due to the reducing population of the Native Bees (Black Bush Bees), we are making our contribution to help increase their numbers. One of the ways we are able to do this is by rescuing endangered hives from almost any situation.

If you do locate a nest of Native Bees, simply cut approximately 2 foot either side of the entrance, stand up vertically as if it were in the tree and place a cover over the top of the hollow. If you have sawn through the nest with your chainsaw, do not worry! Simply stand the pieces back together. If possible, bring the nest back to your depot when the hive has settled down. Evening is the best time. Close the entrance with some tissue.

A nest left lying on the ground WILL die out. The bees will NOT move on as some people think. Normally ants will destroy the entire nest. It is better to contact us so that we can save the hive.

We would love to hear from you if you ever come across them in your business. We are able to collect them from your depot or from the bush. We are offering $$$$$ for salvageable nest in the log.

If you do not personally go out in the bush, could you please pass this on to your workers or contractors?

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