Kabulwarnamyo, Northern Territory

The sugarbag beeman (Russell Zabel) has been on safari again. This time it was to the Arnhem Land Plateau of the northern Territory. It was a 9-day whirlwind trip from 21 – 29 August, 2004. 

I was approached by the Northern Land Council to visit this most special place. If you look on a map of the N.T., you will see a road that goes through Kakadu and Jabiru to Gove. I went to an outstation located between the Liverpool and Mann rivers. The place is approximately 10 hours drive from Darwin and is accessible by 4WD only. It is called Kabulwarnamyo.

I was contracted to come to Kabulwarnamyo to examine the potential to start a native bee honey production venture. The local aborigines would run it. The aim is to supplement their Centrelink income by selling bee products. I saw some amazing country. Huge rocky outcrops and plenty of rock paintings dating back centuries.

There are many native bee nests up there on the plateau. Some species live in the crevices around the rocks and others cohabitate with termites in the termite mounds.

We camped under huge tents at the outstation. Fresh water was pumped directly from a spring to a tank. The showers were very refreshing at the end of the day. We ate buffalo stew on a number of occasions.


Hard at it with the chainsaw!


Looking for bee nests in the trees (Bad hair day!!!)
Spectacular rock structures


Bowerbird nest
The apprentice bee hunters


Emmanuel and yours truly!


Good on you Telstra!


The camp. Nice and airy.


Having a little meeting in their own language.


More spectacular rock formations


Isn’t that cute!!!!!


You should turn the flash off for a day shot.


The senior elder, Lofty (Order of Australia)

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